Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey guys!!! Long time, no see. Sorry 'bout that, but I have returned and have happy news for you all!!! I have recently gotten my Etsy shop up and running so there are all sorts of fun things now available, including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, the 'I  Saw Her Standing There' and 'Don't Let Me Down' postcard sized prints.

You can now have your very own matte or glossy (I prefer the matte personally) print of you your favorite Zombie or Star Wars inspired Beatles Trading Card. The originals are also available of course.

Plus there are a couple other fun/heart squeezingly adorable things on there that would love to make it to your, or your friends home. I mean it could be awkward with them already standing outside the window like that, haha. . . I mean, wait. What?

But, I will sign anything and everything that comes out of this little mill that I am running in my closet, so stay tuned. And thanks for keeping up with me!!!

Shelby Goelz Etsy Shop!!!

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