Thursday, June 28, 2012

Merida Original Illustration by Shelby Goelz
Brave was such a lovely story and I loved Merida's character and untamable spirit. . . and hair. 

Snatch her up before she runs off on her horse, letting her hair flow in the wind and shooting arrows into the glen. 

This is a 11" x 14" sketchbook drawing (which makes it like a piece of my soul), but like all environmentally aware doodlers, I use 100% recycled acid-free paper, which means Merida will stay lovely for the longest of times. It was completed with Promarkers and Prismacolor pens. And as always, its signed by the artist. Which is to say. . . Me =)

Her Etsy listing is HERE if you are interested =) Or, as always, you can contact me directly. 

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